Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Project the Raven

It's impossible to miss the reporting on Project Raven that came out yesterday, even though on one hand I feel like we've already heard a bit about the UAE's efforts from other reports. I have to admit, I never judge people from media reports. A friend of mine says that you're not really serving your country until your name gets dragged through the mud in the NYT.

Of course, one thing that strikes you as you read these reports is that their significance in the media is somewhat belied by the fact that the whole effort appears to fit INTO A VILLA.

I find this imbalance is true in a lot of areas of computer security. The number of hours it takes to implement an export control on some items is ten times larger than the number of hours to re-build that whole item overseas in a non-controlled country. This kind of wacky ratio isn't true for, say, stealth technology or things that go boom really big.

If you watch the following talk from 2012 I make a prediction, and it is this: I think non-state actors are where the game is. I think that is the big, underlying change that we are trying desperately to ignore.

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