Monday, July 31, 2017

Rebecca Slayton can write and has a cool name

This is a really great paper you can read here. Highly recommend it for its much more in-depth analysis of how offense is probably expensive. At the end, she goes into a cost/benefit of both offense and defense of Stuxnet - which in my opinion is the weakest part of the paper. You can't say vulnerabilities cost 0 dollars if they came from internal sources. And you can't just "average" the two possibilities you have and come up with a guess for how much something was.

I mean, the whole paper suffers a bit from that: If you're not intimately familiar with putting together offensive programs, there are many many moving pieces you don't account for in your spreadsheet. That's something you learn when running any business really. On the other hand, she's not on Twitter, so maybe she DOES have experience in fedworld and just doesn't want to go into depth?

Also, there's no discussion of opportunity costs. And a delay of three months on releasing a product, equally true for web applications and nuclear bombs, can be infinitely expensive.

But aside from that, this is the kind of work the policy world needs to start doing. Five stars, would read again.

I mean, the simpler way of saying this is the NSA mantra, which is that whoever knows the network better, controls it. And defenders obviously have a home-field advantage... :)

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