Monday, July 17, 2017

The Multi-Stakeholder Approach

I was struck listening to this policy panel as it weaved and dodged to avoid really confronting the hard questions it raised.

Asking for lexicons is weak sauce.
True enough.
He wants to have separate conversations on everything because that seems simpler. But it's a mirage - everything is connected. This is the kind of policy plan that works fine until any rubber has to hit any road whatsoever.
Jane Holl Lute never has anything interesting to say on Cyber. Here's a review of her BlackHat Keynote: click. It's pretty telling about the policy community that she still gets on these panels.
Ok, here are some of the hard questions that got left on the cutting room floor:

What can we do about having the information security community not trust the USG when it comes to what we say? 

What are the values of the information security community, and what would it mean to respect them in a multi-stakeholder environment on the Internet? 

What are we going to do if we can't detangle all these issues?

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